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Planning a Baby Shower? Here is a FREE Checklist!

Updated: May 6, 2022

I created a Checklist for you to start planning a great Baby Shower. Whether this is your very first Baby Shower or not. You will host it with ease.

Continue to read for great tips!

It's Never too Early to Start Planning

As soon as you know you are hosting a Baby Shower it's best to get started. Hosting a Baby Shower can be really overwhelming but it doesn't have to be..........Let me help!

Use Checklist as Guideline

The checklist is designed and organized based on priority. It is extremely important to know some basic information before the planning process.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will the hosting responsibilities be shared?

  2. Will family/friends be in charge? or Will you hire professionals?

  3. Will Mommy to be have any say in her Shower or will it be a complete surprise?

  4. How many guest?

  5. Will the Baby Shower be hosted in someone's home or in a venue?

  6. Will anyone need to travel to the Baby Shower?

  7. What is the Overall Budget?

  • What is the budget for Food?

  • What is the budget for Decor?

  • What is the budget for the Venue?

Now that you know the answer to these important questions. The fun can begin.

You can now start the planning process! Of course Pinterest is a great place to start looking at Baby Shower Themes. If you started the planning process really early. You might not even know the Babies Gender yet. That's ok!..........Knowing the Babies theme is the fun and easy part. Since you have time to decide. Focus on other areas that are important.

Are you hiring a professional Planner, Decorator and DJ? Are you renting out a Venue or doing a small gathering in a home? These are such important questions to know before you even start thinking about a theme. Now, let's face it we all have a budget we can't pass. This is one of the most difficult questions to answer right away. Knowing the total budget for each area in a Baby Shower is key.


  • Venue Budget $500 -$5000

  • Decoration Budget $1000 - $5000

  • Food Budget $500 - $3000

  • DJ Budget $300 - $1000

  • Photagrapher $1000- $3000

  • Onesie Station $300 - $500

Breaking down each expense for a Baby Shower will help keep you organized and stay on budget. This will will also help the hosted distribute certain responsibilities to those who plan on helping. When you break things down you can assign a task to the family/friends who want and can help. This will help you relax and focus on other things.

Don't forget to Download your FREE Baby Shower Checklist below!

Baby shower checklist
Download PDF • 33KB

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