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Updated: May 6, 2022

How KES Kreations Started

I was pregnant and wanted to create my own Baby Shower.....That Simple! Only it wasn't that simple!

I became obsessed with YouTube and Pinterest and they changed my Life! Yes, I know I'm dramatic anddddd.......I own it ; )

Guys, it was 2015 and I barely used Pinterest or YouTube.....Yea, I know!

Then, I was watching YouTube all day long and Pin'n all night. I became obsessed with them both. I couldn't put my phone down. They opened up my eyes to a brand new World! ..............A world, I never knew I would love so much LOL.

I feel honored and blessed.

I was determined to do everything myself for my Baby Shower. Plus I was on a super tight budget. I wanted the very best for the Very Little..... I had..... LOL.

So I kept searching anything and everything to do with Baby Shower.

I Searched:

  1. How to create a Baby Shower Centerpiece

  2. How to create a Baby Shower Sash

  3. How to create a Baby Shower Invite

  4. How to create a Baby Shower Candy Display

  5. How to create Baby Shower Party Favor

After learning a little bit of everything Baby Shower, I put together something beautiful to me then and Fugly to me now...LOL.....

I didn't want to stop creating and learning once the Baby Shower was over. I wanted more and more and more and more.......and more LOL

I kept learning and 6 years later, here I am!

I created KES Kreations LLC with years of dreaming, researching and executing. I am excited to share my story with you all. Thank you for sticking around this long.

Love Kat!

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